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Tile Floor Cleaning

Tile Floor Cleaning - A.S.W. Tile Floor Cleaning of New Hampshire

Tired of staring at dirty floors and dusty surfaces? Then turn to A.S.W. Tile Floor Care, an established professional cleaning service located in Manchester, NH. From weekly cleanings to monthly appointments, we have a convenient, cost-effective package that's guaranteed to work for you.


Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning - A.S.W. Tile Floor Cleaning of New Hampshire

A.S.W. Tile Floor Care utilizes the industry's best, most effective methods of office carpet cleaning. Our unique approach to carpet cleaning & stain removal is unlike any other. Extraction cleaning is a restorative method of carpet cleaning designed for removal of deeply embedded soils.


Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning - A.S.W. Tile Floor Cleaning of New Hampshire

At A.S.W. Tile Floor Care our low-rise professional window cleaning service is perfectly suited for buildings four stores and below. Our highly trained staff has the experience necessary to service all types of commercial windows and glass surfaces. Never put up with a grimy window again.


Power Washing

Power Washing - A.S.W. Tile Floor Cleaning of New Hampshire

First impressions of your property make a significant difference in how potential tenants and their clients perceive your business. At A.S.W. Tile Floor Cleaning our commercial pressure washing services can improve your building’s sidewalks, loading docks, parking garages and much more.


A.S.W. Tile Floor Care is an established professional floor cleaning service, located in Manchester, NH, providing the highest quality floor refinishing services to clients seeking a "no nonsense" floor cleaning program. Our services are designed to keep you floors looking new through proper floor cleaning processes and high quality floor coating products. We focus on giving your floor the highest quality of shine with the longest amount of durability. Reducing the amount of impact foot traffic causes on your floor and keeping a long lasting shine is what our company specializes in. We understand cleanliness + shine = a great looking floor.

"When your floors look good, your product or service look good as well."  

Treat Yourself to Cleanliness

Treating yourself to cleanliness is about the feeling that you want customers to experience when walking into your shop, store or boutique that makes them say "I should come here more often, they really take care of this place". Seeing products displayed in a clean environment and working in a clean looking work space, greatly improves the positive feel all business owners and entrepreneurs enjoy. 

At A.S.W. Tile Floor Care, we're pleased to offer clients:

  • Competitive cleaning rates
  • Thorough, meticulous service
  • Flexible, convenient appointments
  • Access to our licensed and insured cleaning professionals

A Worthwhile Investment

Replacing tile floors that have not been unkempt can become costly and leave you frustrated. Starting work days after you floors have been properly cleaned and re-coated will invigorate you as a business owner or manager to start the days work or selling. In fact, consider a cleaning program  a sensible and valuable investment in your overall business operations well being. 

To learn more about our cleaning services, call us today.

Why choose us?

A.S.W. Tile Floor Care:

  • is Locally Owned & Operated
  • is Fully Insured
  • is A Trusted Cleaning Adviser
  • uses Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Supplies and Methods

Care about support?

We are a locally owned and operated New Hampshire company. When you have a question, or you need service quickly, we are here for you.

What our clients are saying

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